If you need a graphic or illustrated book edited, contact Lara!



If you’re not sure which sub-genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy you’ve written, please read Lara’s Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Sub-genres

Once you’ve found editors who work with your genre or subject, please make sure they also work with your category (picture book, middle grade, young adult, adult, or graphic novel) on the Editors page.

Adventure advent Lara, Elizabeth, Kaleigh
Alternate History See Historical Speculative Fiction
Contemporary or Literary Fiction cont Kyra, Lara, Elizabeth, Kaleigh
Contemporary / Literary Fantasy or Science Fiction [?] sffcon Lara, Kyra, Elizabeth, Kaleigh
Dystopian [?] sffdys Kyra,  Kaleigh
Epic Fantasy sffepic Elizabeth, Kaleigh
Fantasy sff Lara, Elizabeth, Kaleigh, Kyra (MG/YA)
Genre-benders genben Lara, Kyra, Elizabeth, Kaleigh
Historical Fiction histfic Kyra, Lara, Elizabeth, Kaleigh
Historical Speculative Fiction sffhist Lara, Elizabeth, Kaleigh
Mystery myst Lara, Elizabeth, Kaleigh
Paranormal sffpara Kyra,  Kaleigh
Religious Fiction reli Elizabeth
Romance rom Kaleigh (no erotica)
Science Fiction sff Elizabeth, Kaleigh
Steampunk sffste Elizabeth
Superhero Fiction sup Lara, Kyra, Elizabeth
Suspense / Thriller susp Kyra, Lara, Kaleigh
Time Travel See Historical Speculative Fiction
Urban Fantasy [?] sffurb Kyra, Kaleigh
Women’s Fiction See either Contemporary or Historical Fiction


Academic  aca Elizabeth
Autobiography See Memoir
Biography  bio Kyra, Lara (illustrated only)
Cookbooks See Instructional
Creative Nonfiction See Memoir
Dissertation See Academic
Essays See Academic
Faith & Spirituality See Inspirational
History  hist Kyra, Lara (illustrated preferred)
How-To Books See Instructional
Inspirational  insp Elizabeth
Instructional  inst Elizabeth,  Kaleigh
Lara (illustrated only)
Lifestyle See Instructional
Memoir  mem Elizabeth, Kaleigh
Lara (illustrated only)
Personal Essays See Memoir
Reference See Academic
Self-Help See Instructional
Text Books See Academic