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adventure contemporary scififant
Fiction that contains a journey with physical danger Fiction that takes place in contemporary times (i.e. the Internet age) Fiction that is not limited by reality (see below for SFF sub-genres)
genrebender historical mystery
Fiction that combines or subverts any number of genres Fiction that concerns historical places, events, or people Fiction that presents and solves a mystery
religious romance suspense
Faith-based fiction (note: we are most familiar with Christianity and Judaism) Fiction that presents a romantic relationship and its obstacles (no erotica or explicit content) Fiction that is concerned with stopping, preventing, or defeating a major threat

Fantasy and Science Fiction Subgenres

SFFcont dystopian epicSFF historicalSFF
Speculative fiction set in a current world Science fiction concerning a corrupt state and those who rebel against it High fantasy or space opera—an epic adventure in an imaginary universe Speculative fiction which contains historical people, places, or events
paranormal steampunk superheroes urban
Fantasy including classic monsters or supernatural beings Fiction set in the nineteenth century with steam-powered anachronistic technology Science fiction with super-human characters Speculative fiction set in a highly-realized urban setting without superheroes

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