MS Editors offer a range of services. To read more about our editors, visit our Editors page.

Developmental Editing

Our developmental editors help a writer through the writing process, working to get the manuscript complete and coherent. Developmental editing focuses on the organization of content. This service does not include ghostwriting.

Not necessary if you have a complete manuscript.

EDITORS: Elizabeth Buege, Kyra Nelson, Kaleigh Walter, Lara Willard (graphic/illustrated works only)

Manuscript Critiquing

Our manuscript critics read through the finished manuscript and send a 1- to 5-page report, noting repeated errors, continuity problems, confusing parts, and character and plot development. Critiques focus on big-picture issues that need to be fixed before receiving a line edit.

Not necessary if you have received feedback from several experienced (published) beta readers and already edited accordingly.

EDITORS: Elizabeth Buege, Kyra Nelson, Kaleigh Walter, Lara Willard (waiting list)

Line Editing / Coaching

Our line-editors take a completed manuscript and work on the chapter, scene, paragraph, and sentence level, giving in-depth comments and instruction to improve grammar or voice. Developmental editing is about content; line editing focuses on style and presentation.

For complete manuscripts. Always recommended for debut writers. Writers who have a history of published works or a degree in writing can often skip ahead to a copyediting service.

EDITORS: Kyra Nelson, Kaleigh Walter, Lara Willard (waiting list)

Query Letter / Synopsis Editing

Lara and Kyra have helped dozens of writers with their query letters and synopses. See Lara’s query workshops here and Kyra’s query critiques here.

Recommended for writers seeking agent representation.

EDITORS: Kyra Nelson, Lara Willard (waiting list)


Our copyeditors correct the manuscript’s grammatical and punctuation errors. They might make notes on sentence flow or confusing parts, but the job of a copyeditor is to correct objective problems, not make suggestions to improve writing style.

Always necessary for even experienced writers. Copyediting may be performed by the publisher’s in-house editors.

EDITORS: Elizabeth Buege, Kaleigh Walter


Proofreaders take a press-ready document and inspect it for typographical errors.

Always necessary for even experienced writers. Proofreading may be performed by the publisher’s proofreaders.

EDITORS: Elizabeth Buege