MS Editors uphold a high standard of excellence and ethics. Below is our promise to clients.

We promise to use our knowledge and experience to encourage and instruct writers in their craft. Our goal is to help writers more effectively and efficiently express themselves—or their characters—to their audience.

We know the “rules” of writing and literature. As editors, it is our job to help writers determine if and when those rules can be broken or modified. We have authority on objective matters (pertaining to style guides) and humility on subjective ones (everything else).

As humans, we will make mistakes and cannot guarantee that we will catch every error by ourselves. However, we are trained and proven to maintain some of the highest levels of accuracy in the industry.

We reserve the right to turn down potential clients if we are not comfortable editing the subject matter or if we think someone else would be better suited to editing it. Everything we do as editors is out of a love for creative expression employing the English language.

If you would like to praise one of our editors for her work or anonymously report conduct unbecoming an MS Editor, please fill out the contact form below. For all other requests, including quote requests, please contact the individual editors directly. Our email addresses are included on the Editors page.