Kyra Nelson

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Two weeks into my college career, I ventured into the counseling office to see if they had any ideas on how to make an English degree marketable. As I was waiting for my appointment, I flipped through a brochure on the coffee table and stumbled upon the editing minor. There may or may not have been a chorus of angels at that moment. At any rate, I knew that I wanted to study editing. When the counselor said he was ready to see me, I proudly announced that I no longer needed his services because I’d already crafted a life plan.

As I began my studies, I became absolutely immersed in the world of publishing. I began attending every author event I could get to. I took editing positions with two of BYU’s academic journals. I read every chance I got. I became a teaching assistant for a publishing industry course and started an internship at A+B Works literary agency. I studied abroad in the British Isles. Okay, that didn’t have much to do with editing, but I did love it.

I’ve also developed a strong interest in writing. While I read a bit of everything, my writing prowess is mainly in teen fiction. I wrote an undergraduate thesis discussing the values of adolescent literature, and will rant on the subject if ever permitted. I’d rather write a murder scene than a kissing scene.

The random stuff about me:

I’m a compulsive thing-doer. I like to be busy, whether it’s reading, writing, watching sports, playing violin, baking cookies, traveling, decorating cakes, or just goofing off with friends. I’m a super hero aficionado and champion of 50s rock and roll. I can read Fox in Socks with exceptional skill. I love adventure, even if it’s a small adventure like roasting Starbursts over the open flame of my stovetop.

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