#pg70pit is here!

RIGHT NOW I’m hosting a new type of contest and pitching opportunity for writers with complete, polished novels (Middle Grade, YA, or NA/Adult) in any genre except erotica.

What makes 70-pit different?

No 35-word pitch, no query, no first page.
Age categories are submitted on different days and will be given equal attention.

The YA entry form will go live today at 7am and close at 7pm Central Standard Time. The NA/Adult entry form will go live tomorrow, July 3rd.

On 7/7, the 21 entries with the top-rated voice will go live on my (Lara’s) blog, with an additional 7 entries per age category being posted on co-hosts’ blogs. Roughly 30 agents will view the entries and make requests for queries, partials, or fulls.

On 7/14, 4 MS Editors will announce editing giveaways to entries of their choice.

Information about the contest, submission forms, and winning entries can or will be found at bit.ly/pg70pit


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