8 Great Gift Ideas For Writers

The holidays are upon us, and if you’re like me, you’re scrambling to get a few ideas for the friends, in-laws and loved-ones on your list. On the flip side, when someone asks you for your wishes and wants, it can feel somewhat awkward to give them a list.

Whether you need a few Christmas gift ideas for writers in your life, or you’re the writer looking to give someone a few ideas, this post is for you.

8 Holiday Gift Ideas for Writers

Some of these ideas are perfect stocking stuffers or secret santa presents, while some are “I’ve-forgotten-the-last-3-birthdays-and anniversarys-and-I’m-making-up-for-it.” Hopefully you can find a few that fit your budget and personality!


  1. A packet of really great pens. These make easy, practical stocking stuffers. My fav is the Pilot Precise V7, but there are a lot of great pens out there. Pay attention to how your friend or loved-one signs their receipts or writes in their planner; if they tend to favor one pen, that’s your go-to gift.
  2. ‘Novel-Teas’ tea packets. For the tea-lover writer in your life, this is a perfect literary gift that can actually be consumed. Put it in a mug, and you’ve got a great little gift. (Pictured above)
  3. A vintage typewriter. Cuz pretty much every writer wants one. Actual vintage can be expensive and might not work. So a hybrid between the two might be what you’re going for. This qwerkywriter keyboard looks vintage but can actually connect to a smart tablet!
  4. A really great pocket notebook. Again, there are so many options out there. This Rite in the Rain pocket notebook is just one, but is pretty unique in that it’s waterproof–perfect for the writer inspired by nature or while in the bathtub.
  5. A personalized leather journal. Not all writers like to journal, but the ones who do tend to cherish their journals and appreciate the kind of paper and quality of cover. To get started with your search, check out these personalized leather journals on etsy.

  6. Gift cards. If you’re really in a bind or kind of a last-minute-louie, gift cards to Barnes & Noble, local bookstores or favorite coffee shops are always a welcomed surprise.
  7. Ironic clothing. For the writer in your life with a sense of humor, these pencil scarves on etsy and these pencil socks from Modcloth are pretty much perfect.
  8. ‘Writer’s block’ toolbox. This is a great gift idea for the aspiring writer or English/writing teacher. This little toolbox offers fun ways to keep the creative juices flowing and is getting great reviews on Amazon.

Add your idea!

I’m sure there are zillions more great ideas out there, so feel free to comment some of your own favorite gift ideas or past presents!

*originally posted on suzieruewrites.com

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