How I Chose My Pitch to Publication Writers

‘Tis the season for pitching contests! Do your pitch, query letter, and first pages have what it takes to hook a reader or agent? Get an insider look at what it takes to win Pitch to Publication, which opens THIS WEEKEND: March 5! Lara, Elizabeth, and Kyra are participating this year, which means 20% of the contest picks will get to work with MS Editors! Click our names above to see our manuscript wish lists, AKA the genres we are accepting this year.

Lara Willard

Pitch to Publication (#p2p16) opens up to submissions on March 5! There’s still time to enter, and I know some of you planning on entering might be worried about your pitches. Hopefully this will help you hook editors (or agents)!

I picked two writers last year. The narrowing-down process was brutal, one I tweeted about a couple times.

I started with 98 queries (two of the 100 were repeat submissions), and eliminated about 2/3rds on the first pass, leaving me with 33 maybes and probablys, which is very high compared to other editors’ stats. Then I narrowed those down…

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