Time for a Pep Talk

Pep talks are just a thing that need to happen every so often. So here’s your pep talk of the day.

I’ve been going through giving feedback to the people who submitted to me for Pitch to Publication. I got some AMAZEBALLS submissions. Seriously. Pretty much every submission had at least one thing I liked about it.

So I’ve been going through to send feedback and about every other entry has me thinking “Why didn’t I choose this one? It’s amazing.” Most of my feedback so far hasn’t been feedback at all but more of a “Sorry I couldn’t work on all the manuscripts. Please keep writing. I think you’re awesome and we should be friends and I actually did like your book.”

Like that, but with fewer run-on sentences.

You probably have heard time and again that you shouldn’t let rejections discourage you. But that doesn’t change the fact that rejections are the worst. Even the most stoic writers feel the sting of rejection.

Which is why it’s important to have regular pick-me-ups. It’s important to have people tell you they believe in you.

I believe in you! I mean, I don’t know personally. But I still believe in you! You are a talented, wonderful person. And you can write the thing.

Keep writing the thing. The thing will be great.



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