Who has the time?

At the heart of everything, I am a writer. And to be a writer is to, at times, struggle.

I certainly know what it’s like to struggle. To fight for each word that appears on the waiting page. To suffer from writer’s block, self-doubt, fear, and fatigue.

My biggest mountain lately is time. I have none. And in the time I do have, my brain tends to be very mushy and useless.

I’ve heard from countless writers that it’s important to write every day. And I wholeheartedly agree…in a perfect world.

So, you ask, how have I mastered the art of writing and time management? Simple. I haven’t. Not even close. But that doesn’t mean I give myself permission to stop trying. Here’s my motto: anything is better than nothing, and routine is better than anything.

My advice: be realistic, start small, and stick to it.

My current writing goal is to sit down at my computer and create something at least twice a week. Yes, only twice a week. Why twice? Because it’s all I think I can manage. And that’s okay because it still allows me to create. I’m still working, still plugging away every week.

So develop a schedule, something that works for you, that inspires you, and that won’t make your brain mushy. And keep going back. A little bit at a time. It’s worth it.

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