9 Practical Tricks for Writing Your First Novel

Jan Ellison shared a brilliant post yesterday. Click here to read the post on Writer’s Digest.

VB jan ellison

I definitely agree with #3, the work, break cycle. When I’m editing, I do my best work when I work for 40 minutes at a time. The breaks fluctuate, and I only take a break if I need to. I allow myself to jump straight into another 40-minute sprint if I’m feeling motivated!

I also agree with #8. Shannon Hale once compared writing the first draft as shoveling sand into a sand box. It’s messy, takes time, and isn’t very pretty. The next draft is when you start building sand castles.

And #9, too! I had a dozen beta readers for my first novel. Half of them loved one of my POV characters, the other half hated her. Reading is subjective!

Which of Jan’s nine tricks is your favorite? How will you implement these tips in your writing this week?

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