Blank Page Blues: Writing Prompts for When You Just Can’t

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

We’ve all been there. (Jeez, I’m there now.) When creativity epically fails. When the words vanish like a glimmering ring down a hellish garbage disposal. (And if horror movies have taught us ANYTHING, we know we sure aren’t sticking our digits anywhere near those blades.) Instead, we do the smart thing, the adult thing. We call a professional.

Or, to salvage my sleep-deprived metaphor, we ask for help and try to break the roadblock by truly, simply, purely getting the words a movin’.

Without further ado, I give you hyperlinks:

  1. For those who like leaving it up to fate
  1. For the young
  1. For the witty
  1. For those who are still listening to Christmas music
  1. For the thorough

Good luck and happy writing!

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